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California Child Development Administrators Association (CCDAA)
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If you have questions about CCDAA please contact ccdaa@ccdaa.org


California Child Development Administrators Association (CCDAA) provides and develops leadership and education that supports publicly funded early care and education programs for children from birth to 13 and their families.

History of CCDAA

The California Child Development Administrators Association (CCDAA) was formed in 1943 when the federal government sponsored Children's Centers under the Lanham Act so that mothers could work in the war industries. After World War II federal funding was withdrawn, and CCDAA (then the California Children's Centers Administrators Association) successfully lobbied for State funds to continue the Children's Centers in California.

In the 1970s CCDAA supported legislation to add new delivery models, and more funds, including infant centers, Alternative Payment Programs, Resource and Referral, Family Child Care Home Networks, nonprofit centers and campus centers. After passage of this legislation we changed our name to the California Child Development Administrators Association and opened membership to all administrators of state-funded programs.

 Over the past ten years CCDAA has continued to provide strong leadership and technical assistance to the child development field. In the recent past, CCDAA has:

  • Impacted changes on the Funding Terms, and Conditions,
  • Assisted in significantly increased funding for the Pre-Kindergarten Family Literacy Program,
  • Successfully fought for an increase in the Standard Reimbursement Rate,
  • Defeated realignment threats,
  • Created a significant presence in the State Capitol, and
  • Championed the industry by providing ground-breaking information, a powerful voice, and excellence in professional growth opportunities.

CCDAA is working hard to continue to be a strong voice for California families. We are continuing to make progress for California's children in this new decade.



California Child Development Administrators Association values...

  • Quality
  • Advocacy
  • History and Continuity
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • A support system for professionals


To make CCDAA as accessible as possible to our members, our organization has three regional sections in Central, Northern and Southern California. Each section is governed by a section board, which organizes monthly meetings. Through the year, our members from across California come together for statewide events such as CCDAA's Fall Technical Assistance, CCDAA's Annual Conference, and CCDAA's Great Administrators Seminar.