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Member of the Month for March 2015: Shawnessy Rodriguez

For the month of March, CCDAA would like to recognize Shawnessy Rodriguez, our long time Member from Fontana Unified School District.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your career?

My proudest accomplishment in my career has to be- my career itself. I became pregnant my junior year of high school. My family was very disappointed with me. As a single mom, I tried very hard to provide for my son while working retail. It was not what I wanted to do with my life. So, I went on public assistance and enrolled at Chaffey Community College. I went on public assistance during the time when going to school was not a valid reason for assistance. I remember telling my caseworker that someday ”I will be more educated and make more money than you so don’t stop me”.  I worked my way through Chaffey and CSU San Bernardino. I was very poor, however, I knew that I needed to finish college. In fact, I told my husband that I would not marry him until I had my Bachelor’s Degree. I was that determined.

I began teaching first grade in the Fontana Unified School District in 1995. I continued teaching and enrolled in the Master’s Program at Azusa Pacific University. By this time, I had three children. My husband worked the graveyard shift while I worked and went to school. I saw my family during my lunch hour and while my husband drove me to school at nights. I became an Assistant Principal in 2000 and a Coordinator of Early Education soon after.

I have worked in the field of education for 20 years.  I have worked in Early Education for 12 years. One of my first programs that I managed, was Cal-SAFE. I loved working with pregnant and parenting teens. I would tell them my stories of standing in line for government cheese and such. And, I would always say-“no excuses, get it together and get it done”.

Looking forward, I have put in place a plan for my retirement.  I am the founder of C.A.P.E. Consultants; the Author of the Poppy Series and Your Common Core Reality: An Outline and Tool to Write Your Own Common Core Story. I want to settle into my new role as a business owner and author before I retire so that I can be more efficient with my work.  I really enjoy writing.

If you could give advice to someone who is new in the administrative role, what would it be?

My advice to new administrators- stay focused on your vision. Do not take no for an answer. Move forward even if some people do not want to move with you. Be true to yourself.