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Member of the Month for December 2014: Robin Layton

For the month of December, CCDAA would like to recognize Robin Layton, our long time member and President and CEO of Educational Enrichment Systems, Inc.

What is your proudest accomplistment in your career?

There are so many amazing moments. I am extremely proud to lead an organization that provides children throughout San Diego with safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate early learning environments. As a mother of twins, I am acutely aware that affordable high-quality early education and care is essential to parents’ abilities to balance work success with family responsibilities.

When I first started working as the Director of Educational Enrichment Systems (EES),  30 years ago we had 4 sites. The determination, commitment and support from my amazing staff and the EES Board of Directors has helped us grow to serve over 1,000 children at 22 sites located in Linda Vista, Vista, San Marcos and Chula Vista! The more children EES serves, the more families we can help empower, and that is what matters most to me.

If you could give advice to someone who is new in the  administrative role, what would it be?

 A few well-known adages and words of wisdom come immediately to mind.

  • What goes around comes around. You have the opportunity to build the workplace atmosphere and there is no substitute for treating people with respect. Just do it!
  • Stay positive and healthy, remember to exercise and laugh. A strong team requires a strong leader, so it is your responsibility as an administrator to keep yourself healthy.
  • Build and maintain relationships. Take time to listen and learn from others. I am a better leader today because of what I learned from my own mentors, Charlene Tressler, Jean Brunkow and Wendy Wayne.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. Inspire your colleagues and yourself by focusing on the big picture -- I continuously ask and re-evaluate the question, what is best for children?