CCDAA's Live Professional Seminars are known for their coverage of current and emerging issues specific to subsidized early care and education programs. Attend these programs to brush up on the latest developments while learning practical knowledge to take back to your agency. 

Advanced Management of the Eligibility and Need Regulations - UPDATED for 2018!
Building upon what you have learned in Eligibility and Need Regulations Training, this advanced seminar will address the complicated nuances of specific cases that require a deep understanding of the regulations. Click here to learn more.

Efficiently Managing Twelve Month Eligibility and Beyond - NEW!
CCDAA in partnership with Monarch Link presents an interactive two-day seminar designed to build skills in all areas relating to the family data file. Participants will learn key concepts and take away strategies relating to selection criteria, the family data file, family size, 12-month eligibility, need for services, family fees, application for services and much more! Center-Based and Alternative Payment program requirements will be discussed. Click here to learn more!

Essentials for Earning Center-Based Contracts - NEW!
CCDAA in partnership with Monarch Link presents an interactive one-day live seminar designed to build skills as it relates to earning a center-based contract. Participants will learn key concepts to operating a fiscally sound program, attendance and absence policies, promoting attendance, recording attendance, projections, reporting requirements and much more! Click here to learn more.

Navigating the Interface of Title 5 and 22 Regulations
An introductory 6-hour seminar is aimed at center-based administrators, directors, supervisors and teachers who would benefit from an overview of the organization of the regulations with an emphasis on how they intersect and when one regulation supersedes the other. Click here to learn more.