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Keynote Presentations

Transforming the Workforce for Children from Birth to Age 8

Hidden in Plain Sight: My Childhood Story of Homelessness

Choose Children 2018: California's Next Governor and the Future of Our Youngest Kids

Workshop Session 1

Dealing with Difficult Behavioral (Both in the Classroom and with Staff) 

Expanding High Quality Child Care for Families: San Francisco Early Learning Scholarship Program

Leveraging Partnerships that Strengthen Families in Your Community

Workshop Session 2


Early Education and Foster Care: Creating a Safe Educational Community

Strategic Planning for Organization Sustainability

Workshop Session 3

Effectively Manage Program Operations (Part 2) (same handout as Part 1)

The CA ECE Workforce Registry: Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Support Programs 

Mindfulness: Creating a Staff Development Plan

Workshop Session 4

Leading with a Shared Vision Through Innovative Leadership

What’s on the Horizon for Early Childhood Education Policy Reform

Environmental Sustainability in Child Care Centers

Workshop Session 5

Compassionate Communication: Ensuring Equity Through the Power of Words

Developing ECE Leadership Opportunities

Updates from the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing

Workshop Session 6

The Role of the Director on Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retaining the Right Person for Your Program

Zero to Three: Advancing the Proven Power of Relationships

Volunteer Secrets You Never Knew Existed to Enhance Your Program