Welcome to the Fall TA Materials Page

Workshop Session 1

Change Management, Leadership and Engaging the Community for Lasting and Effective Changes

Child Engagement in Play and Learning as an Indicator of Program Quality

Managing Enrollment Systems: Navigating Compliance with Multiple Funding Sources

Child Care Bridge Program: An Interactive Panel with Pilot Members

Multi-Cultural Diversity through Movement and Music

Calculating, Collecting, and Earning Family Fees

Workshop Session 2

Instructional Leadership Through a Reflective Process

Informed Families = Engaged Families: A Novel Approach to Collaborate
Parents Toward School Readiness 

Written Information for Parents (also known as the Parent Handbook) (Center-based Programs) 

Attendance Recording, Reporting and Provider Payments (Alternative Payment Programs)

Using Data to Increase Teacher Knowledge, Skill and Quality Practices

Envisioning Comprehensive Public Investment in Early Childhood Education and Well-Being

Workshop Session 3

Leadership and Administration for  Administrators and Directors 

California Inclusion and Behavior Consultation Network 

Fiscal Essentials for  Center-Based Contractors 

Written Information for Parents (also known as the Parent Handbook) for Alternative 
Payment Programs

How to Nurture a Quality Mindset for Mindfulness as an Educator

CDD-801A & 801B Data Reporting

Workshop Session 4

5 Steps for Transitioning from Peer to Boss: Am I Up for the Challenge/Growth Opportunity?
Family Partnerships and Culture

Family Partnerships & Culture

Attendance Recording & Reporting (Center-based Programs)

Funding Collaborations: State and Federal Funding Streams

Learning to Live and Cope with Uncertainty in an Unpredictable ECE Environment 

12-Month Eligibility: Underscoring Stability for Children and Continuity of Care 

Workshop Session 5

Intergenerational Diversity: Generation Z: Are We Ready for the New Workforce?

Parent Appeals

Child and Adult Care Food Program  (CACFP) New Meal Patterns

Homelessness Issues for Families in California

It Might Get Messy. Supporting Creativity and Creative Processes for 21st Century Learners

A New Perspective on Fundraising - Keeping 100% of the Profit for Your Program