The eLearning operations management platform is brought to you by the California Child Development Administrators Association in Partnership with Monarch Link!

CCDAA has partnered to provide the field with both live and online professional development materials that align with each other. Our training opportunities not only review the regulations, but provide agencies with realistic strategies and practices to implement programs efficiently.

An eLearning membership provides ongoing access to professionally developed online trainings, tools, strategies and editable resources. 

"MonarchLink has been an instrumental resource in educating and training staff. The information is fresh off the press and outlined in a manner that is clear and easy to follow.” -  Stanislaus County Office of Education, Jannie Zazueta Perez, Child Care Services Supervisor

“MonarchLink eLearning platform is part of our initial and ongoing training for our staff. Consistent information and flexible access that meets the adult learners’ needs – we use the training resources at all levels!”  - The Resource Connection, Kelly Graesch, Director


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CCDAA Members who choose to continue their CCDAA/Monarch Link eLearning Platform Membership past the 30-Days will receive a 10% discount towards their Monarch Link Membership!

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