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Post questions and information to the listserv and have immediate access to the collective experience of all the other subscribers, including hundreds of knowledgeable ECE professionals from all over California. If you are a CCDAA Member in good standing and would like to be added to one of the Community Listservs listed below, simply follow the instructions after the description. By participating on a community listerv you will begin to receive e-mails from other Members participating on the same listserv. We encourage you to not only ask questions but to answer questions as well, help share your knowledge and experience with other CCDAA Members through this useful tool! Additionally please read the terms and conditions listed below.

Voiceslink Community: Open to all members of CCDAA. Click here to request to be added to this list.

Great Administrators: An executive-level seminar designed around the highest level content and peer-to-peer experiences. Click here to request to be added to this list.

FCCHEN: Open to CCDAA Members who are Administrators of FCCHEN programs to discuss issues pertaining to this contract type. Click here to be requested to be added to this list. 

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