Membership Meetings 

CCDAA conducts regular statewide meetings, where both members and non-members are encouraged to attend and participate. While topics vary, all meetings provide updates on current events affecting the early childhood community, including legislation, regulation and budget updates. Also, check out our calendar for a full list of events. 

Calendar 2017-2018

Membership Meeting Topic Meeting Date Meeting Location
 Dept. of Education  September 15, 2017 North, Central, South
 TBD October 13, 2017 North, South
 The Irrefutable Laws of Leadership  December 8, 2017 South 
 Governor's Budget Proposal January 19, 2018 North, Central, South
 Department of Social Services  February 9, 2018 North, Central, South
 Governor's May Revise May 18, 2018 North, Central, South