All CCDAA publications now come on our newly designed Key Flash drives!

 CCDAA's California Education Code and Code of Regulations

All licensed programs in the State of California must comply with all relevant California Education Codes and California Code of Regulations. CCDAA is currently offering Childcare Education Codes and Title 5 Regulations on one convenient Flash Drive for purchase. Additionally, Title 22 Regulations are also available as a separate publication. 

CCDAA staff reviews every line, every year, and compares it to previous year's regulations. Each line that changes is highlighted so that you can compare it to how the regulations read before the change. All of our publications are tabulated and made into a searchable PDF document so that keywords can be found with the greatest of ease.

Consider purchasing a copy for each for your agency's staff members. This is a very helpful tool to have on hand during audits, compliance reviews and during everyday operations.

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CCDAA's Best Practices Publication

This collection of sample administrative documents is intended to be the "go to" resource for CCDAA members developing new or revising existing policies and procedures. This document provides accurate and authoritative examples of forms, policies, and procedures for successfully operating a State Funded Early Care and Education Program.

Sample forms include everything from multiple parent handbooks, vaccination forms, enrollment documents, staff policy examples, agency policy examples and much more! Many of the documents are included in an editable format so that you can simply adjust with your agencies branding and begin using right away!

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Click below to interact with a brief preview of our Best Practices Publication: