Updated May 25, 2016

Info-graph for Requirements for Approving Legislation

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California Assembly Bills      

Bill Number (Author)

Brief Description




AB 598
Would amend existing law pertaining to Family Child Care Home Education Networks (FCCHENs) by requiring that the tools used to make an assessment of family child care providers be appropriate to those settings. Would require completion of the developmental profile that is inclusive of the results of parent survey of the child’s developmental progress, at least 9 site visits per year by FCCHEN administering organization, and the adoption of a curriculum appropriate to the children’s ages. FCCHEN to maintain developmental profile for each child.



Dylan L. Hoffman

Introduced: 2/24/15

Amended: 1/4/2016
Amended: 1/14/16

In Senate Committee on Education
AB 1161 (Olsen & Atkins) Would establish the California Preschool Investment Fund, which would authorize the CDE to accept monetary contributions to the fund for purposes of preschool education until 1/1/2021. Five counties, via application by the counties’ local child care and development planning council, will be selected by the CDE/EESD based on a number of factors to be included in the pilot. The CDE to develop a system for accepting monetary contributions to the program and to allocate credits to contributors on a first-come, first –served basis. The aggregate amount of credit shall not exceed $250 million for each calendar year. Technical amendments. Fiscal effect: significant  

Allison Wescott

Introduced: 2/27/15
Amended: 7/2/15

Committee on Appropriations

Held under Submission

AB 1567

Would amend After School and Education (ASES) Program by giving 1st priority enrollment to youth experiencing homelessness and pupils in foster care, 2nd priority enrollment to pupils in CalWORKs assistance units, and 3rd priority enrollment for programs serving middle and junior high school pupils, to pupils who attend the program daily. Would prohibit charging fees children in the high priority categories. Afterschool programs to inform parents/caregivers of rights of
priority enrollment and how to receive it.
Western Center on Law and Poverty, Children's Defense Fund- California

 Edison Perez

Introduced: 1/4/16

Amended: 3/29/16

In Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16


 AB 1712 (Obernolte)

Would authorize CA Department of Education contractors providing early care and education services to use a digital signature and that the digital signature have the same force and effect as a manual signature if specified requirements are met.

Knowledge Universe CAPPA

John Thompson

 Introduced: 1/26/15

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16

AB 1897 (Mullin) Would require CDSS, in consultation with stakeholders, adopt regulations on or before 1/1/18, to develop and implement a birth to entering first grade license option for child care and development centers. Regulations to address age group transitions and continuity of care.  

 Miriam Farouk

Introduced: 2/11/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16

AB 2036 (Lopez)

Would require online companies that advertise child care services provided by license-exempt child care providers (i.e. babysitters & nannies) to post a statement about the CA Trustline registry and a written description of what is included in the third party background checks.


 Kristi Lopez

Introduced: 2/16/16

Amended: 4/6/16

Amended: 4/25/16

Assembly Floor

AB 2150 (Santiago & Weber) Would require that a family, upon establishing initial eligibility or ongoing eligibility for services under the Child Care and Development Act, be considered to meet all eligibility requirements for subsidized child development services 12 months, receive those services for 12 months before having their eligibility re-determined, and not be required to report changes to income or other changes for at least 12 months. Child Care Law Center, Parent Voices

 Jaspreet Johl

Introduced: 2/17/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16

AB 2296 (Low) Expresses legislative intent to clarify that a “digital signature” on communications with a public entity may be used to satisfy the requirements of an electronic signature under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. Defines a digital signature as a type of electronic signature. Would also revise provisions of Government Code by specifying that if a public entity elects to use a digital signature that meets specified requirements, the digital signature has the same force and effect of a manual signature in any communication with the public.
Secretary of State

Melissa Apuya

Introduced: 2/18/16

Amended: 3/18/16

Amended: 4/19/16

In Senate Committee on Judiciary
AB 2410 (Bonta) Would enact the Local Control School Readiness Act of 2016. Would require the CDE to develop prekindergarten learning development guidelines, focused on preparing 4 and 5 year old children for kindergarten based on current science that
reflects how publicly funded programs can close the achievement gap. Would require the CDE, by 3/1/17, to convene Committee for Kindergarten Readiness stakeholders group to evaluate and develop recommendations on what constitutes kindergarten readiness and to submit to the state board and appropriate legislative policy committees by 1/1/18 a kindergarten readiness definition with clear benchmarks for predictive skills of later success in academics and socialemotional health, social-emotional and executive functioning skills as evidenced by current research. Lists the composition of the members.

 Molly Tafoya



Introduced: 2/19/16

Amended: 4/7/16

Amended: 4/27/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16

AB 2615 (Wood) Amends existing law pertaining to 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens program by allowing assessment of family fees, termination of grants for noncompliance with reporting requirements and transfer of funds across school sites. Amends existing law pertaining to After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) by allowing specifying ages to serve based on local needs, and allowing fee waivers for certain students.  Amends existing law pertaining to 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program by requiring the CDE to award funds equitably to each geographic region and urban and rural areas of the state to extent possible.

Introduced: 2/19/16

Amended: 3/18/16

Amended: 4/5/16

Amended: 4/25/16

In Senate Committee on Education

Hearing: 6/8/16

AB 2660 (McCarty) Would create the Quality Early Education and Development Act of 2016 that would require the CDE, in consultation with the State Board of Education and State Advisory Council on Early Learning and Care, to submit a plan by 1/1/18 to the Legislature and DOF a multi-year plan for providing access to income eligible children to high quality pre-kindergarten programs for a minimum of one year before enrollment in a kindergarten and a multi-year plan for ensuring that publicly funded prekindergarten programs focus on specific elements associated with positive childhood outcomes.  Early Edge California

 Bryan Singh

Introduced: 2/19/16

Amended: 4/12/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16


AB 2663 (Cooper) For the 2016–17 FY, and for each FY thereafter, would continuously appropriate $73.2M more to the CDE for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program.
Commencing with the 2017–18 FY, would require the DOF to annually adjust the amount using a specified calculation, provided that the adjustment does not result in a reduction. Would require the CDE to adjust the maximum general grant amounts and related amounts in accordance with the amount provided in the Budget Act for the 2016-17 FY. Would also, commencing with the 2017–18 FY, require the CDE to annually adjust those amounts to reflect the percentage change in the CA Consumer Price Index, provided that adjustment does not result in a reduction.

Introduced: 2/19/16

Amended: 4/13/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16


AB 2676 (Chavez) Would, for taxable years beginning on or after 1/1/16 and before 1/1/19, increase the amount of the applicable state credit percentage for household and dependent care expenses and revise adjusted gross income amounts for taxpayers with adjusted gross income amounts of $70,000 or less.   CA Tax Reform Association

Introduced: 2/19/16
Amended: 4/13/16
Committee on
Hearing: 5/27/16

AB 2677 (Chavez) Expresses legislative intent to limit eligible families to 8 years of CDE-subsidized child care and development services. In addition, would expand the voucher-based system and phase out the direct contracts with child care and development programs over five years, except for contracts with local education agencies for preschool.    

Introduced: 2/19/16

Committee on Human Services

Hearing: Cancelled at author's request

AB 2799 (Chau) Would establish the Early Learning Personal Information Protection Act. Would, effective 7/1/17, prohibit an Internet website operator, online service, online application or mobile application used primarily for preschool and pre-kindergarten purposes to knowingly engage in marketing or targeted advertising using information to amass a profile about a child or selling/disclosing a child’s information. Common Sense Media Edmundo Cuevas

Introduced: 2/19/16

In Senate Committee on Judiciary

California Senate Bills      

SB 1042 (Hancock)

Amends existing Education Code by redefining three year old children as those with their 3rd birthday on or before December 1st of the fiscal year (FY) in which they enroll in the California State Preschool Program (CSPP) and four year old children as those with their 4th birthday on or before September 1st of the FY in which they enroll in CSPP.

 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson

Renée Estoista
Office of Senator Loni Hancock

Debbie Look
CA Department of Education

Introduced: 2/12/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16


SB 1071 (Allen)

Would establish a new formula for a permanent one-time total adjustment to the special education local plan area (SELPA) base funding to support special education and related services as required under the individualized education program for each preschool age child with exceptional needs upon a Budget Act appropriation.


Introduced: 2/16/16

Committee on
Hearing: Cancelled at
request of author 


SB 1154 (Liu)

Known as the Patricia Siegel Child Care Resource and Referral Act, would establish in state statute the scope of work currently conducted by child care resource and referral programs. Technical amendments


 CA Child Care R&R Network  Darcel Sanders
(916) 651-4025

Introduced: 2/18/16

Amended: 4/14/16

Committee on Appropriations

Hearing: 5/27/16

SCR 125 (Allen)

States that the Legislature will work towards adoption of a statewide, developmentally appropriate kindergarten readiness assessment tool to assess children’s readiness for entering transitional kindergarten and kindergarten.


 Introduced: 3/31/16

Committee on Education

Hearing: Cancelled at author's request.


California Budget Bills (Including Trailer Bills)

AB 1598 (Ting)

Budget Act of 2016


Introduced: 1/7/19

Amended: 4/25/16

Committee on Budget

SB 825 (Leno)

Budget Act of 2016

    Introduced: 1/7/16
ACLU = American Civil Liberties Union
AFSCME = American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

CAEYC = California Association for the Education of Young Children
CAPPA = California Alternative Payment Program Association
CAFB = California Association of Food Banks
CCCCA = California Child Care Coordinators Association

CCDAA = California Child Development Administrators Association
CCLC = Child Care Law Center
CCRRN = California Child Care Resource and Referral Network
CDA = California Dental Association
CDE = California Department of Education
CDSS = California Department of Social Services
CDPI = Child Development Policy Institute

CFT = California Federation of Teachers
CHAC = California Hunger Action Coalition
CIWC = California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative
CSAC = California School - Age Consortium
CTC = Commission on Teacher Credentialing

CCALA = Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles
CWDA = County Welfare Directors' Association
CSAC = California State Association of Counties

CTA = California Teachers Association
CWDA= County Welfare Directors' Association
DDS = Department of Developmental Services
DHS = Department of Health Services
DMH = Department of Mental Health
First 5 = First 5 Commission of California

HHSA = Health and Human Services
LCC = League of California Cities

LACOE = Los Angeles County of Education
LAC CPSS = Los Angeles County Commission for Public Social Services

LAUSD = Los Angeles Unified School District
MALDEF = Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
NASW = National Association of Social Workers
NCYL = National Center for Youth Law
PG&E = Pacific Gas and Electric Company
SEIU = Service Employees International Union
TCI = The Children's Initiative
US DHHS =  United States Department of Health and Human Services