Updated February 25, 2015

Info-graph for Requirements for Approving Legislation

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Bills with a white background are active this session
California Assembly Bills      
Bill Number (Author) Brief Description Sponsor Contact Status

AB 15
Would express Legislature intent to enact legislation that would provide for a living wage for work performed by parties who contract with the state.      Introduced:

AB 47

Would require the California Department of Education (CDE) to report to the Legislative and Department of Finance (DOF) by 6/1/2016 a plan for expanding the state preschool program for all eligible low-income children without current access to one year of state preschool or transitional kindergarten. Report to contain an analysis of the need for new facilities for preschool expansion.

Bryan  Singh




Committee on Education

AB 53
Would require properly securing a child under 2 years of age in an appropriate rear facing child safety seat while the child is riding in a motor vehicle while transported by a parent, legal guardian or other driver.


Committee on Transportation and Appropriations

AB 74
Would require the Department of Social Services (CDSS) to conduct annual unannounced inspections of licensed facilities, including child care centers and family child care homes, as of 1/1/18. Specifies incremental steps to increasing the percent of facilities subject to annual unannounced inspections and the frequency of inspections each year up to 1/1/18.

Kelsey Castillo


Introduced: 1/6/15

AB 148 (Holden)

Expresses the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to submit a general obligation bond measure to the voters during the 2016 calendar year to fund the modernization and construction of school facilities.    

Introduced: 1/15/15

AB 188

Would amend the Education Code to allow agencies contracting with the CDE for the Alternative Payment (AP) Program to be reimbursed for making eligibility determinations at a rate of three percent of the total contract amount. CAPPA

Vivian Ericson


Introduced: 1/27/15

AB 233

Would amend existing sections of the California Education Code pertaining to child care and development services contracted by the CDE. Among the amendments are authorizing an eligibility determination process of not less than once every 12 months to promote continuity of care, deleting certain reporting requirements, and allowing the establishment of reimbursement rates that best meet the needs of the community that do not exceed market rate ceilings. In addition, deletes a significant portion of the section pertaining to fraud and overpayment to focus on best practices, CAPPA  

Introduced: 2/4/15

Committee on Human Services

AB 271

Would authorize CDE-contracted programs, including AP Programs and providers, to maintain any records electronically regardless of whether the original documents were created in electronic format and to retain a case record using either electronic or other alternative storage technologies. In addition, would authorize AP Programs and providers to use an electronic signature.    

Introduced: 2/10/15

Committee on Human Services

AB 427

Would make non-substantive changes to provision pertaining to legislative declarations concerning early primary programs. Current law expresses legislative intent that school districts establish primary programs coordinate the programs with the Demonstration of Restructuring in Public Education program and the county inter-agency children's services coordination council whenever possible.    

Introduced: 2/19/15

AB 433(Chu)

Would express Legsilative intent to provide a grieving period and appropriate referrals to services when a CalWORKs recipient miscarries or when a child in the home of a CalWORKs recipient dies, with out interruption of services.    

Introduced: 2/19/15

California Senate Bills      
SB 3
Would increase the minimum wage, on and after 1/1/2016, to not less than $11 per hour, on and after 7/1/2017, to not less than $13 per hour. Would require automatic adjustment of the minimum wage using a specified formula on January 1 of each year, starting on 1/1/19, to maintain employee purchasing power diminished by the rate of inflation that occurred during the previous year.

Introduced:  12/2/14

Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations

SB 23


Would prohibit imposing a condition to cash aid (CalWORKs) on a recipient to disclose information regarding incest, rape or use of contraceptives. Would prohibit denying an increase in aid to a family currently receiving aid upon the birth of a new child.     

Introduced: 12/1/14

Senate Committee on Human Services

Hearing: 3/24/15

SB 114

Would enact the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016 to authorize an unspecified amount of state general obligation bonds, as scheduled, to provide aid to school districts, county superintendents of schools, county boards of education, charter schools, the California Community Colleges, the University of California, the Hastings College of the Law, and the California State University to construct and modernize education facilities. The proposed bond act would become operative only if approved by the voters at the November 8, 2016, statewide general election, and the bill would provide for its submission to the voters at that election.


Introduced: 1/13/15

Committee on Education

Committee on Government Finance

SB 174

Would require the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to implement a 2-year-pilot project in the Counties of Sacramento and Yolo to conduct a study of the relationship between crisis respite care and incidents of reported child abuse in those counties, and report the results of the study to the Legislature. Would express Legislative intent to provide state funding for crisis nurseries in the Budget Act of 2015 for community services and this pilot project would sunset 1/1/2018.


Introduced: 2/5/15

Committee on Human Services

Hearing: 3/24/15

California Budget Bills (Including Trailer Bills)

 AB 103


 Budget Act of 2015

 Introduced: 1/9/15

Committee on Budget

SB 69


Budget Act of 2015    

Introduced: 1/9/15


Omnibus Education Trailer Bill    



2015-16 Budget Trailer Bill - Suspension of Licensing Fee Exemption    



Department of Social Services Proposed Trailer Bill Legislation - Community Care Licensing Next Phase Quality Enhancement    


ACLU = American Civil Liberties Union
AFSCME = American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

CAEYC = California Association for the Education of Young Children
CAPPA = California Alternative Payment Program Association
CAFB = California Association of Food Banks
CCCCA = California Child Care Coordinators Association

CCDAA = California Child Development Administrators Association
CCLC = Child Care Law Center
CCRRN = California Child Care Resource and Referral Network
CDA = California Dental Association
CDE = California Department of Education
CDSS = California Department of Social Services
CDPI = Child Development Policy Institute

CFT = California Federation of Teachers
CHAC = California Hunger Action Coalition
CIWC = California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative
CSAC = California School - Age Consortium
CTC = Commission on Teacher Credentialing

CCALA = Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles
CWDA = County Welfare Directors' Association
CSAC = California State Association of Counties

CTA = California Teachers Association
CWDA= County Welfare Directors' Association
DDS = Department of Developmental Services
DHS = Department of Health Services
DMH = Department of Mental Health
First 5 = First 5 Commission of California

HHSA = Health and Human Services
LCC = League of California Cities

LACOE = Los Angeles County of Education
LAC CPSS = Los Angeles County Commission for Public Social Services

LAUSD = Los Angeles Unified School District
MALDEF = Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
NASW = National Association of Social Workers
NCYL = National Center for Youth Law
PG&E = Pacific Gas and Electric Company
SEIU = Service Employees International Union
TCI = The Children's Initiative
US DHHS =  United States Department of Health and Human Services