CCDAA Advocacy

CCDAA works hard to advocate for its members locally, at the state, and federal levels. We are committed to providing quality childcare and early education services for California's children today. At the same time, CCDAA is always looking towards a brighter tomorrow for our kids.

CCDAA's advocacy is targeted at both the legislative and administrative levels. We know how important it is to represent our members adequately at the State Capitol and the California Department of Education. From the halls of Congress to local school board meetings, CCDAA is there fighting for our members and California's families.

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Member Advocacy

CCDAA's Advocacy Committee trains members to be strong voices for children! The committee works tirelessly to educate members about the most pressing issues for childcare and early education programs. Committee members are active and passionate advocates. At CCDAA we use many voices to carry one message.

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